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Applications of statistics we don’t think about

As we have already said, the world around us is increasingly filled with numbers. If this does not directly affect us, many of them may simply be ignored, and for those who in one way or another affect us, experts say that 99% of cases are based on statistical analysis. To be specific, we will give you some examples of where to apply statistics in your life.

  1. Weather forecast. No matter the season, many of us do not miss the weather forecast for various reasons. Some of us choose the right clothing and accessories – for example, umbrella or raincoat, others have health problems and are dependent on pressure and magnetic storms. For this reason, tomorrow’s weather forecast is one of the most talked about news, many devices have built-in meteorological applications. However, few of us know that the forecast is based on statistics from various computer models that report huge amounts of data on temperature, wind, atmospheric pressure, etc. These computer models compare the previous forecast with the current one and predict tomorrow. This is also the main reason for the inconsistency of the forecast with reality or many different forecasts from different sources. Don’t forget to look through the window in the morning for confirmation.
  2. The collection, processing and analysis of data is at the heart of any research, regardless of the field in which it is conducted – scientific, commercial, political. Again, depending on your data analysis skills, surprising results can be obtained, such as electing the last US president. So it is especially important to be critical about the claims of any statistical survey, otherwise this could result in a loss of money, time and information. It is a good idea to learn to collect, analyze and use data ourselves, especially in the following life situations.
  3. Insurance – there is hardly anyone who has not come across this complex concept. Mandatory or voluntary, for car, house, medical, travel, disaster or other. You need to think about why the differences between types and prices are so large and choose the one you need without paying extra or not paying for the risk factor specific to you or the region where you live, your lifestyle. Also, look at the possible payment methods, where discounts or price increases may be provided.
  4. Loans, interest, principal, stock exchanges and stock indexes – concepts that are increasingly discussed but unfortunately not sufficiently understood. Statistics are the key of how traders and businessmen invest and make money. In many countries, personal saving are not preferred to stay in banks but to be handed to personal brokers who, on the basis of their knowledge and skills, can make a significant increasement of the money or … lose it.
  5. Statistics play a big role in the medical field. Before any drugs are authorized for use, scientist must show a statistically valid rate of effectiveness. Statistics are behind all the study in medicine. Has it ever happened to you to receive from your GP a prescription for a medicine other than the daily advertised on TV. Statistical concepts are used in quality testing of medicines. Companies from different countries make many products on a daily basis and every company should make sure that they sold the best quality items. But companies cannot test all the products, so they use statistics sample. This is one of the reasons why drugs from world famous manifacturers have different results in different countries.
  6. In everyday life we face many predictions based on statistical data analysis. One of the most common are lung cancer in smokers, liver problems with excessive alcohol use, high blood pressure in overweight, a greater number of car crashes in the summer, on the weekends.
    In the beginning of each year predictions are made about the type of major influenza strains and the most suitable vaccines are prepared against them. Sociological agencies makes a prediction about the winner of the elections based on political campaigns. Here statistics play a strong part in who will be the elected politician. This type of predictions are the most difficult ones because they are dependent on many factors not taken into account in the statistical model applied.
  7. Statistics data allows us to collect the information around the world. The internet is a devise which help us to collect the information. What is essential behind the internet is based on statistics and mathematics concepts. The Internet gives you the opportunity with proper skills to collect the data you need, to create mathematical models yourself and to analyze it by yourself.

A list of examples can be easily enlarged. Major infrastructure projects – highways, bridges, pipelines are based and argued by statistical data from previous periods.

You are often faced with choice situations. Last but not least, you are looking for official information on the topic to make your choice, rather than just relying on the written in the forums or told by friends. Unfortunately, disappointments often happen even when the information is taken from the most reliable sources. That is why we will offer you some basic statistical approaches that will give you the opportunity to gather information personally, analyze it for your needs, compare with another source and then make your choice.

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