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How to follow instructions more effectively

When we are given a task and we want to fulfil it correctly and efficiently, we can take into consideration few tips on following instructions[1]:

Source: https://pixabay.com/illustrations/mentor-startup-mentorship-advice-2062999/

  • Listen actively, not just hear. Visualize what’s being said, connect with what we already know, repeat in our head.
  • Write down. Do not just try to remember, but take notes. When we take notes during any discussion we are seen as prepared, organised and willing to do the job correctly.
  • Ask questions. One of the most important factors that turn our effort into great performance is knowing what, why, until when and with what resources we have to do something. So, we always need to find out all the necessary details by asking questions when we are asked to do something.
  • Be positive about performing the task. If we have a bad attitude when asked to do something, it is likely to feel that the task is more challenging than when tackle the person respectfully.
  • Make a to-do list when more steps are required for fulfilling the task. A checklist is organizing our approach and is also giving us the good feeling of being on the right track when we deal with a complex task.

[1] https://thinkx.net/blog/5-steps-to-giving-and-following-instructions-in-the-workplace

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