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Pros and cons of internet communication

The language used on the Internet has already been the subject of many works. On their basis, but also on the basis of observations, conclusions can be drawn about its advantages and disadvantages. We skip here the obvious pros and cons of the entire Internet and we focus only on the aspect of communication present in it. Undoubtedly one of the main advantages of such communication is the shortening of the geographical distance and the possibility of conducting dialogue with almost the entire world. However, speed also affects the form, which often takes the character of colloquial language. There is a lot of bad news about the language of the Internet. The main accusations concern not adhering to the rules of punctuation and spelling.

Anonymity is also a reason for disputes. It is difficult to state clearly whether this is an advantage or a disadvantage. On the one hand, anonymity breaks the barriers of shyness in some people and allows them to open up to new acquaintances, and on the other, there is uncertainty with whom we conduct a colloquial conversation. This results in another disadvantage of communication on the Internet, i.e. the danger caused by a lack of knowledge about our interlocutor, or no real knowledge about the conversational partner. Appointment with people met on the internet is always associated with risk. In addition to the possibility of communication with people from around the world mentioned above, there is also another advantage, i.e. the possibility of constant conversation. We do not have to limit ourselves to talking only during a physical meeting, nor do we have to wait for the letter we send to reach us. Communication is instant.

Source: https://pixabay.com/pl/skontaktuj-si%C4%99-z-nami-kontakt-2993000/

It is also loud about aggression in communication taking place in the virtual sphere. Cyberbullying has become a popular problem. It can manifest itself through various types of harassment, insulting or ridiculing other internet users. Part of the communication on the internet is not only to conduct a dialogue with other users but also to share information on blogs, online portals or social media. It should be remembered that this type of online activity is also dangerous. Sharing private information with the internet community may result in the emergence of cyberstalking or appropriation of identity. Cyberstalking is the digital equivalent of stalking. It consists in notorious tormenting the victim and creating a sense of danger in her. This behaviour can be considered a crime.

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