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Digital newspeak – it is a slang used mainly on the Internet, which aims to speed up communication. Characterized by the use of graphic symbols, acronyms and the creation of new words
Mass media – element of mass culture with a wide reception range. These include, among others, Internet TV and newspapers
Emoticon – graphic representation of emotions, used on the internet and made of typographic characters
Clickbait – negative phenomenon on the internet, the authors of clickbait create articles titles deliberately exaggerating their content, so that the largest number of people clicked on the link to this article
Cyberstalking – harassing other users on the network
Caps Lock – key on the keyboard. Pressing it results in writing in large letters
Acronym – word created from two or more words
Language family – group of languages that have one ancestor (the so-called protolanguage)
New new media – means of communication using the latest technology, include: blogs, internet portals, etc.
Hashtag – the word predecessor with “#”
Blog – an online journal on which the author publishes his articles
Vlog – type of blog created in the video form

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